The Ethical Code is the “Constitution” of the Company, a charter of rights and moral duties that defines the ethical and social responsibility of each participant to the Company Organization. The Ethical Code is a good instrument to prevent irresponsible or illegal behavior by those who work in behalf of the company, because it introduces a clear and explicit ethical and social responsibility towards all subjects involved directly or indirectly with the company activity (customers, suppliers, partners, citizens, employees, contractors, public institutions, environmental associations and anyone else who is involved in the company activity).

The Ethical Code is the main instrument of ethics implementation inside the company, which aims to clarify and define the set of principles that are required to comply with its target and the mutual relationhips of its stakeholders.

The addressed have to respect the values and principles of the Ethical Code and have to protect and preserve, through their behavior, the respectability and the image of Dg Impianti Industriali S.p.A. as well as the integrity of its economic and human capital.

Download the ethical code of DG Impianti Industriali SpA (italian).