Baltim East |  Safety Improvement Project

  • Client Saipem Energy International for PETROBEL
  • Activity Safety & Multidisciplinary Engineering
  • Year 2016-2007
  • Hours Committed 9.000

The Mediterranean Safety Improvement Project was initiated by Petrobel Oil Company to achieve an enhanced safety level for all the offshore installations in PTB Mediterranean concessions. The project aim is to ensure that the existing systems allow to operate both efficiently and with and adequately safe level today and in future. The project covers all the Egyptian Mediterranean concessions; the activity carried out by DG Impianti Industriali S.p.A. is specifically referred to Baltim East platform that is part of the Baltim Offshore Nile Delta Concession.

Baltim East is a gas platform provided onboard with water separation facilities; it collects gas and condensate incoming from the Baltim North platform and sends the overall production via Baltim South to Abu Madi onshore plant. Baltim East platform is composed by a lattice frame jacket which hosts an integrated deck composed of two main levels sized for the topside facilities, in addition to another plan for helicopter accommodation.

In order to carry out the safety improvement project, an offshore survey was taken on the platform between February 27th and March 05th , 2006; such survey was aimed to collect all necessary information needed for the HAZOP study. The HAZOP was carried out in Cairo from 12th to 16th March 2006 resulting in a list of recommendations to be implemented to improve the Baltim East platform safety and operability. All activities carried out within this project are aimed to finalise all HAZOP reccommendations.