Deck WHP1

Feed for Deck WHP1

Client EniProgetti Activity FEED DESIGN Year 2018 Description WHP1 platform will be part of a wide context of oil/gas field […]

EPC Onshore

EPC Onshore Receiving Facilities

Client ENI MEXICO Activity ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT, TRANSPORTATION & CONSTRUCTION Description FEED Engineering and detailed design, Procurement of materials and equipment, […]

Hokchi Paradise

Early Production Facility HOKCHI PARAISO

Client HOKCHI ENERGY S.A – HOKCHI PARAISO PLANT (Tabasco State – Mexico) Activity Engineering Procurement Construction Management Operation & Maintenance […]

Rospo Mare

Rospo Mare B (RSM-B) new ERD wells Client Edison Activity Front End Engineering & Design Year 2008-2009 Hours Committed 450

Castello Natural Gas Fields

Castello | Natural Gas Fields Development Client SEMAT – Po Valley Energy (NorthSun Italia) Activity Heater Skid Relief Year 2008-2009 […]


Venaus ENEL| Hydroeletric Power station Client ATB Riva Calzoni Activity Sluice Gate Relief Year 2008 Hours Committed 340

Burun Field

Burun Field SPP Facility | Turkmenistan Client ENI Activity General survey plant and Laser Scanner 3D with modeling Year 2011 Hours […]

Sannazzaro de Burgondi

Sannazzaro de Burgondi | Pavia Client ATB Riva Calzoni Activity Skirt Data Dimension – Separators F90101A/B Year 2011 Hours Committed […]


Castello | Natural Gas Fields Development Client SEMAT – Po Valley Energy Activity Design & Manufacturing – Gas Dehydration Packages […]